Consult the specifications of the applicable MACHRO product, where the cover in square meters per liter (m2/lt) is mentioned.
You may calculate in square meters the surface you want to paint as follows:
Calculate the area of each area you want to paint by multiplying its length to its width. (for instance, 4 m long x 3 meters wide = 12 square meters). We deduct the surface covered by casings (e.g. doors, windows, etc.). We add all areas, thus getting the total surface we want to paint. Finally, by knowing the product cover area, which is mentioned in its specifications, you can calculate the amount of paint liters required per coat.


We all know that all surfaces become degraded in time, resulting to cracks, stains, mould, etc.; these phenomena cannot be covered and corrected by the paint without the necessary repair. Otherwise, the quality of the final result shall be altered, together with the duration of the paint.
1. The surface must be dry and clean, without dust, pollutants, swollen points, greases, or anything else that could negatively affect the traction of the paint.
2. When painting a surface that has been painted again in the past, it must be cleared from any loose or dilapidated materials, i.e. the materials at the areas where the old coat has lost its traction with the undercoat. This is achieved by using a spatula, mechanical sanders, and a brush or by polishing them with sandpaper; depending on the specific case, the above methods could even be combined for a perfect result.
3. With regard to a smooth – shiny surface, it is necessary to use a suitable sandpaper, in order to create a rougher surface in order to increase traction between the paint and the undercoat. This helps us avoid any future peeling off of the final paint from the undercoat.
4. Surfaces painted for the first time must be thoroughly cleaned, without using any strong detergents that could impregnate the surface and possibly affect the result. We always allow surfaces to dry up very well before painting them.
5. Repair and fill the surfaces as necessary, before applying the primer, using the ACRYLIC STUCCO of MACHRO.
6. Remove fungi and stains from nicotine, smoke, and grease. Fungi appear as black, grey, or brown spots, and it is difficult to remove them. They must be removed before applying the primer or the paint, else it is possible for them to continue growing inside the paint and destroy it. Wash the surface with special fungicides.
7. Stains from nicotine, smoke and grease are cleaned using detergents and then followed by a good rinsing. Always allow the surface to dry up very well before painting them.
8. All surfaces to be painted must be covered with suitable prime – undercoat. The use of primer in already painted surfaces is suggested in order to maximize traction between the undercoat and the final paint.


The selection of the primer is very important for a quality result.
Check the specifications provided by MACHRO about the cover provided by the product (the number of surface square meters that can be painted per liter), about the time required for drying and the time for re-painting it. The success in the application of the primer shall be the one desired and the lifetime of the paint system shall be increased when the primer shall penetrate the surface and avoid creating a coat on its surface (on the wall). In addition, check the information regarding the thinning of the primer, because proper thinning is essential in order to achieve the above, depending on the porosity of the surface in question.


· The paint tools (roller, brush) must be clean and not worn from too much use or time, they must be of quality materials and suitable for the surface in question.
· Please refer to the specifications of MACHRO, in order for the thinning of the paint applied to be the one suitable for each case, with regard to the proportion and the thinning method.
· The environmental conditions where you can apply the painting system play a major role in success. It is suggested to apply the paint at temperatures not less than 5oC and not higher than 35oC, while the humidity percentage in the atmosphere should not exceed 70%.
· Painted, dry surfaces with stains can be cleaned using soft detergents, avoiding the use of rough cleaning agents that could scratch and degrade the coat of the final paint.
· Open cans with paint leftovers should be closed shut and stored in areas with suitable humidity and temperature conditions.
· Upon completing the procedure, you must properly manage paint residues (especially all the solvent systems), in order to protect the environment.

For any further information you may need, please contact the customer services department of MACHRO.